Asset Tracking is so much more than theft and location. With Terra-Trak® every asset can essentially tell the whole story from location to equipment fitness, project timeline adherence, utilization, maintenance and retirement schedules.

Our proprietary software allows personnel in the construction companies to monitor these points which in turn allows an increase in overall project efficiency up to 4 fold. Flexible data reports allows different personnel in the company to focus on certain areas of analytics. Customization ranges from Owner, CEO, CFO, COO to projects manager, service manager, etc.

Our expanded platform executes these duties

  • Generate ROI calculations based on historical patterns.
  • Examine live GPS feeds to determine idle vs. actual production time.
  • Assemble a meticulous history (cradle to grave)
  • Yield Predictive Analytics
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Foretell the failure of a component before the failure occurs
  • Determine Life expectancy that initiates a tactical exit strategy.

With our developed analytics we can efficiently streamline:


  • Uptime, downtime
  • Hour optimizations
  • Fuel consumption
  • Life cycle by application

Life Expectancy Projections

  • Exit Strategy by hours
  • Repair and Downtime Evacs
  • Market Value Projections

Asset Tracking / GPS

  • Real Time Location
  • Increased Productivity
  • Employee Accountability
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Engine Hours / Actual Usage Hours
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Theft Recovery

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